• Claudia Smajlaj

Addiction and COVID-19

By Claudia Smajlaj | DCI

Key Points:

  • Battling addiction has become even harder during the coronavirus pandemic

  • Isolation and loneliness can put those with drug and alcohol addictions at risk

Cary Quashen, founder of Action Drug Rehabs in Santa Clarita, says that before the pandemic, we were in the midst of a drug abuse epidemic. Since the coronavirus pandemic hit, battling addiction has become much harder due to the lack of intimacy that comes with in-person meetings at rehabilitation centers. Recovery cannot happen alone; it needs to happen in a community.

Traditional drug rehabilitation centers and programs are still available, but restrictions in place due to Covid-19 have forced centers to offer services through video chat services like Zoom or to close down completely. Many addicts fear leaving their home because of the virus, and the only way they can find solace is through video chats with their counselors. Although online counseling provides some benefits, it’s still not as effective as in-person counseling. The pandemic is inevitably going to make drug addiction worse.

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