NY Couple Suing China due to Coronavirus


Sourced from, New York couple suing Chinese government: Coronavirus' 'impact has been pretty big', on April 27, 2020. A New York couple greatly affected by the Coronavirus appeared on “Fox & Friends Sunday” with attorney Matthew Moore to announce that they are joining a class-action lawsuit against the Chinese government to hold the country accountable for the Coronavirus which has endangered millions of lives, killed over 208,000 people worldwide, and triggered economic collapse.

Lissette Conde said she suffered from “repeated upper respiratory infections” starting in February after being told that she is not allowed to wear a mask at her front desk position in a Bronx medical facility. According to Lisette, she dealt with 300 to 400 patients a day.

Her husband, Felix Conde, claims to have contracted the virus from his wife (although he is showing no symptoms) and has since been unable to work his two jobs – running a martial arts school and running a canine school.

The couple has had to keep distance from their 14-year-old daughter who has been quarantined “on the other side of the house,” and members from Lissette’s side of the family have passed away from the virus.

The Conde family along with 10,000 others are standing up to China in the class-action lawsuit.

According to Moore, China cannot hide behind sovereign immunity and the country can definitely be held accountable. "The simple fact here is, China lied, and people died, and it’s just not okay," Moore said. The country is responsible for the deaths of many after failing to report the severity of this virus to the world.

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