Trump Immigration ban includes major exemptions

Updated: Apr 29

Summary of: Trump’s immigration pause falls well short of a full ban published on Politico, April 20, 2020.

Key Points:

  • The EO prevents most people from receiving a green card for 60 days

  • It allows for the government to continue processing visas for thousands of temporary employees

  • It is expected to carve out further exemptions for essential workers, such as healthcare professionals

Trump announced on Twitter that he would be signing an executive order to temporarily suspend immigration into the United States, much to the surprise of his officials. Though the order is expected to prevent the issuing of permanent residency visas, or green cards, it falls well short of a blanket immigration ban. The Trump administration has also quietly worked to remove some limitations on agricultural workers

Trump, who is expected to sign the document by the end of the week, has said that the order will be reassessed in two months, and indicated that the order is not final.

The movie frustrated many hardline conservatives, who expected a more extensive ban on immigration activities. Many claim that the measures do not do enough to help the 22 million Americans without a job. However, many business leaders successfully argued that immigrants are needed to help preserve food supplies and staff other industries.


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